Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A Whirlwind of a Week

Wow, what a week! I feel like I have been just going non-stop with friends and work and other events going on in my life.  This weeks' events so far have been....

  • A pizza party with some of my amazing girlfriends from evening spent encouraging one another, laughing, chatting, and speinding time together in Christ.
  • Dinner with my dear, sweet friend Rosalie....2 blissful hours of just chatting and catching up on life. :)
  • Creative time working on my scrapbook pages. I am taking this awesome class by Valerie Salmon called Got Sketch 106 and the sketches are blowing my socks off and fueling my creative spirit.
  • Lunch with my parents and my grandma at one of our favorite Italian restaurants...just a relaxing time spent with family. This is one of the many blessings that have come from not having a full-time, all day teaching job.
  • A Youth for Christ benefit dinner that my small group leader invited me to. Natalie Grant sang and the Ceraks (from the Taylor University crash identity mix-up) spoke and it was a time of complete uplifting and renewing of spirit. Also so great to be surrounded by lots of other Christians. :)
  • Substituting 2 times this week - I am so thankful to be getting back into the classroom and although it is hard work, being in a different classroom each time is also very rewarding and fun too.
  • A belated birthday lunch with my sister and 2 of my aunts...a great time just catching up and spending time together.
No crafty projects to post today but I will be back tomorrow to share some more scrapbooking goodness. :)

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