Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Thankful for...

Today's post continues my season of thankfulness.

Sunday, November 4th: I am thankful for my friends. God has blessed me with some amazing friends who are there to support and encourage me as well as bring out my zany, ornry side.  We have so much fun together and I love them to bits! :) These photos are from my birthday bonfire that I had on Sunday much fun!!!


Monday, November 5th: 

I am thankful for my small group.  They are an amazing bunch of friends that truly love God and inspire me and encourage me in my walk with Christ.  We have a ton of fun and love hanging out together. :) (more pics from the bonfire...)

Tuesday, November 6th: I am so thankful to live in America, where we can choose our leaders and have so many freedoms.  I exercised my right to vote today and made my vote count! :)
Photo: Have you voted yet? Share this Mickey photo if you have! 
And if you're looking to follow live election coverage, look no further:
(This picture was sent to me by my amazing friend Debbie. Love it! :)

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