Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A Busy and Productive Labor Day Weekend

This weekend was filled with lots of fun, laughter, creativity, relaxation, friends, and family. :)

On Saturday, I helped my dad get landscaping bricks for our house.  I then spent the rest of the evening down in the basement creating, cleaning, and organizing. The basement is definately starting to look much better. Now I just need to go through my stuff and get rid of some of the things I know I will never use. That's the difficult part because I don't like to get rid of stuff...

Sunday was just a bit crazy. It started with church at Pathway, which was great and I got to see lots of my friends. Then that afternoon we headed to my aunt and uncle's for a cookout, but I left before they actually ate. I did get to see my cousins Holly and Mike and their sweet little one, Kayla. :)  I then headed to my friends' Mike and Bethaney's anniversary party. It was a blast even though it did rain. And Emily and I went around and took some great photos with cool old farm backdrops...I swear it is one of the best places to take backgrounds to give visual interest.

Monday was creativity central. Emily and Angela came over and we spent almost all day creating in scrappy goodness.  I finished 3 layouts just that day! Woo-hoo! Gotta love being creative. :)

When the afternoon storms ended, Emily and I headed down to the beach. It was amazing to see the difference there after the storms moved through. There were really deep spots near the shore and further out it was only ankle deep. In the photo, Emily is standing about 25 feet from shore and it is still that shallow. Also there were shells everywhere!

Pictures from our hotel in Daytona Beach. I created this for a sketch challenge over at and I had a lot of fun creating this.  I love this line from KI Memories and it was perfect for these photos.

Just a cute photo of Emily and I at the beach. I used lots of fun accents on here. I colored the Heidi Swapp ghost flower with Alcohol inks and then rubbed stickles on the back of it to give it shimmer. :)
Picture that my friend took of me just looking out at the ocean. It totally wasn't planned so I was surprised and happy when I got home and uploaded my photos. I used a poem for my journaling called "Ocean Breeze" frim Patrick A. Whistler.

"I love to feel the ocean's breeze as it gently touches my face
To feel the water's warm caress as it moves from place to place
To watch the sunrise, to feel it's warmth
As night turns into day, to see the wonder of it all, the miracle of God's way
To feel the sand beneath my feet as I walk and contemplate
And know the footprints left by me will soon be washed away
So soothing is the ocean's call, so gentle, yet so strong
To feel deep down inside my soul that this is where I belong
To know that I, just like the waves, will move from day to day
And yet return without a doubt, another time, another way
The song the ocean to me mere words cannot describe
But in my heart I know the truth, it's steady as the tide
So I will come to walk the sand and spend my time in peace
Understanding all the while the gift God gave to me."
I totally love what the poem speaks of and it truly reflects who I am and what I was thinking about at that time. :)

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