Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Wedding Photos from Indy :)

About a month ago, I headed down to Indy with my family for my cousin Jenny's wedding. It was at a beautiful old mansion and there were lots of great photo ops. Here are a few of my favorites from the day.

This picture is of the bride and groom. I was able to capture them as they came down the stairs to the reception area. I simply love the looks on their faces in this photo and I think it captures the day beautifully.
This is my sister and my cousin Ashley. I took this photo out front right before Ashley had to leave. They just look so cute together don't they? :)
This was probably my favorite part of the entire day...just watching my little cousin play in the water in this fountain out on the patio. She had a blast and reminded me of how fun it is to be so little.

My dad and two of my uncles doing what they do best...talking about some sort of construction project that someone in the family needs. I am proud of them though...no paper was brought out at this event to sketch what they were planning on doing. :)
My cousin Katie and her dad, my Uncle Jim...this is just such a great photo of the two of them!
My sister, my cousin Ashley, Grandma, me, and Uncle Mike all just hanging out waiting for dinner.
My cousin Lucas playing hide and seek underneath the present table...he is such a cute little kid!
A duplicate...and I don't know how to make it go away!!! :)
Such a beautiful image from the day...there was stained glass everywhere here and it was all so intricate and beautiful!
Uncle Mike says "Cheers!" to a happy couple and a great day!
My cousins Tyler, Kiersten, and Henry.
Little Garrett all dressed up for the big day...he is so grown up now and I can't believe this is the same little boy that I chased around a wedding just over a year ago.
Aunt Peggy and Uncle Pat just chillin'.

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