Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Laughing Place

Hello blog friends. I just wanted to pop in here with a Disney layout I created for one of the challenges over at Disney Scrappers. If you like to scrap all things Disney, check this group out. They are a fantastic group of ladies and there is tons of inspiration too! :)

Here's my page.

These pictures of my friends and I on Splash Mountain are some of my favorite ride photos ever! I love this ride but I hate the drop and I always have this look on my face every time I ride it! So my friends decided to have a little fun with me. Matthew (in the 2nd seat) works at Disney and he knows where all the ride cameras are. So they planned this shot and I had no idea until we went and looked at it. :) Even the photo guy was laughing!

 So as soon as I saw the Laughing Place challenge I knew I had to make this page. I created the title with my Silhouette Cameo. The font is Benjamin Franklin and I used the swirls from the Splash Mountain title to finish off my title.

 I also downloaded the Brer Rabbit "You May Get Wet!" and the lyrics to Splash Mountain off the internet and used it on my layout too.


 If you want the Silhouette files for the title and other Splash Mountain embellishments, let me know your email and I can send you the file. :)


Michelle said...

Your page is really cool!! I love the photos and the expression on your face! :) I caught a glimpse of your post that hasn't gone live about mean people. So sorry to read they made you feel bad. Some people just don't think. I feel for you because I have been the recipient of such behavior from people in my own neighborhood. These people act like they are still in high school. Oh the drama here. I live in a neighborhood with a bunch of 30 something going on 15 yr old ninnies. So cliquey. They are SO in your business. I just quit talking to all of them but two. Sad. It sucks sometimes, as it isn't fun being the outcast. As for my facebook page, it is full of people from the scrapbooking industry. No family or so-called friends that live around me. I have met some of the nicest people through our hobby. I wish more lived closer. Don't let them get you down. They aren't worth it.

cyndi said...

If you could email me your silhouette file for the ride name I would sooooo appreciate it. I'm new to this silhouette thing. Im glad you posted the font. Thank you :) But if you already have it all done I would love the file! you are a life saver