Saturday, November 5, 2011


Ok here goes.  I have tried and failed to post this blog 2 times now and I am a bit frustrated with Blogger.  I get the entire thing written out and go to post...and poof! the whole post is gone! :(

So anyways I am going to sum up both Thursday and Friday's thankfulness posts.

Thursday, November 3rd - Today I am thankful for the young adult group at my church called Threefold.  It is a group specifically for those of us who are in our 20's and 30's where we can grow our faith and grow in community.  I love being part of this dynamic group of people every Thursday night and being challenged and fed every week.  I am on the leadership team and it is so great to see God working through this group to further His kingdom.  Every week our awesome youth pastor Nate Haywood teaches us about Christ and challenges us to be more active and involved in our faith.  We also have praise and worship which is such an intimate time with my Lord and it!

Another fantastic part of this group is the people that attend.  They are all so amazing and friendly and encouraging.  I have grown very close to so many of them and feel blessed that God has given them to me. :)  I love being able to be open and myself with them and we have so much fun together.  We usually go hang out somewhere after Threefold (usually Applebee's) and we have a ton of fun and laugh a lot too! This is why Thursday is my absolute favorite day of the week!

Friday, November 4th - I am so thankful for the gift that God has given to us, His children in creation.  Everything in the world around us whispers His name, from the warm sun to the falling leaves.  I love being able to revel in His amazing creativity and design.  It is all so perfect and it works together so perfectly....there is absolutely no way that it all happened by chance. And when I get a chance to see His creation and how perfect His plan for creation was, I am reminded that His plans for me are perfect too.  :)

I will be back later tonight with today's post...there is still more day to be reminded of all that God has given me! :)

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