Thursday, August 7, 2014

We Have Arrived!

I almost can't believe it but I am writing you this post from my hotel room at Disney' Caribbean Beach Resort. We arrived in Orlando around noon and and headed over to our hotel. Our room was ready so we stopped in our room and then had lunch at the resort before heading out to Epcot. We started at the Seas with Nemo and friends and I got some awesome pics. We then rode Mission Space and it was Mom's first time on the ride. She was nervous at first but at the end I think she really liked it.  We then headed to our favorite ride at Epcot: Soarin'. We had a fast pass so it was a breeze getting on. :)

As we were getting ready to leave a good old-fashioned Florida thunderstorm rolled in so we did the Living with the Land as we waited out the storm. We had dinner reservations in Mexico so we finally had to brave the storm and but ponchos. We got soaked on our way to dinner. Our dinner was much food!  

After dinner mom and dad headed back to the hotel to go to their convention but I stayed to watch Illuminations since the rain had stopped. I got some great pictures. :)

Then I headed back here to the hotel. Tomorrow I am spending the whole day at the Magic Kingdom so I had better get some shut eye! See you all soon!

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