Thursday, June 11, 2009

Leaving on a Jet Plane

It sure has been awhile since I last blogged on here...over a month. Well school ended and it was pretty emotional knowing that I won't be going back. I miss my kiddos already!

As I blog, I am sitting here in the Indianapolis Airport with my dad, waiting to board our flight to Orlando and Disney World. We should be in the parks by 1:00. Pray that we have good weather because we have a ton of stuff planned! Tonight we are dining with Minnie and friends in the Magic Kingdom and then we will be seeing my favorite part of Disney...the Wishes Fireworks Show. It totally speaks to my heart and gives me the hope and courage and fills me with the wonder that is Disney!

Our trip began yesterday and we got down here to Indy with few issues and I actually got some sleep last night....about 4 hours! Well I had better go...they just called us to board so I will try to check in again later! :)

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