Friday, December 19, 2008

"Oh, the Weather Outside is Frightful...."

Today I am sitting here at home, nice and cozy in my jammies, surfing the web and looking at the beautiful, if somewhat frightening, scene outside my window. Why may you ask? Well we got hammered with an ice storm last night and so school was cancelled and the trees are coated with ice. I headed outside a while ago to take some pictures of the beautiful scenery and I got a lot of great shots (which I will try to upload and post today sometime), but you could hear the ice crackling every time the wind moved through the branches. I just hope we don't lose our power...many places to the south of us, including my sister, have already lost theirs and if we do that means no scrapping for this girl. And that would totally STINK because all I want to do right now is get downstairs to my scraproom and get working. But that may be a possibility sooner than later because it is starting to freezing rain/sleet lets hope not. So for now, I am signing off so I can go play with my paper and glue and get creating! :) See you all later!

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