Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year's Notes

Well the new year has officially come. I celebrated the evening with friends. It started at Cebolla's with Emily and Nate (who just got engaged on Friday, December 26th) for dinner. We had a lot of fun hanging out and talking about all sorts of stuff and just catching up on life. Then we headed to our friend Rachel's house for a New Year's party. When we got there the great debate was over whose Mexican Chicken Dip was best...Ryan's or Amy's....since they both brought the same thing. :) Ryan's was more cheesy, while Amy's was more spicy. So they went around asking everyone to try it and vote. In the end Amy's won by one vote...sorry Ryan! Then they started an all-out game of spoons. I played along as well but as I am not good at this game at all, I was out very quickly. And I am fairly glad because it was pretty violent as games between friends go. But it was fun to watch and just hang out with my friends. Then Joel came and we counted down to the New Year. As we waited, Natalie passed out horns and poppers and Joel, Ryan, and Suzanne had a horn-blowing contest. I am not sure who won because they all ended up laughing too much.
Then 3...2...1....Happy New Year! And we all blew our horns and popped our poppers. Then, since Rachel has digital cable, we rewound and did it all over again. In fact when we were finally done, we rang in the New Year 4 times!!! :) And I got my picture of the year all lit up....on the 4th try. Then the crazy picture taking ensued with lots of fun New Year's photos. Then all at once someone threw their horn and began the great confetti fight. Horns, confetti, poppers, and even a few decks of cards were thrown all over the room and generally left a big mess. Who started this fight, you may ask. Well evidence shows that Rachel herself began it. ;) And that
wraped up our fabulous New Year's bash.

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